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About artist Kathryn Beals, a professional painter and former forester from British Columbia, Canada.

ART And Nonprofits

I'm grateful for the beautiful places I have been, and I use my artwork to help nonprofits. With my collectors’ support, I have raised over $20K for conservation and humanitarian causes with my small business since 2017. As a cancer survivor, I feel motivated to give back, and I’d love to reach a goal of $100K in my lifetime. Thank you for your help!

My most recent benefit series in July 2019 raised $5,225 for Leave No Trace, a nonprofit dedicated to outdoor education and stewardship of our public lands. The next benefit series will be in winter 2019.

My list of benefits so far includes:

Leave No Trace (2019, $500 flash benefit and $5,225 benefit series)

Monterey Bay Aquarium (2019, $1000)

California Fire Relief via (2018, $500)

Save the Waves (2018, $4,300)

The American Cancer Society (2018, $1,800)

The Sequoia Parks Conservancy (2018, $3,500)

RAICES  (2018, $2,000)

The Nature Conservancy (2017, $1,000)

Doctors Without Borders (2017, $1,000)

I’m always accepting submissions for nonprofits for my future benefits.  Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my collectors’ list to get updates.

To suggest a nonprofit for a future benefit series, please send us an email.