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ART And Nonprofits

I'm grateful for the work that I do and the beautiful places I have been, and I do an annual benefit series to support a nonprofit. My list of benefits so far includes:

Save the Waves (On Sale Now HERE)

The American Cancer Society (2018, $1800)

The Sequoia Parks Conservancy (2018, $3500)

RAICES  (2018, $2000)

The Nature Conservancy (2017, $1000)

Doctors Without Borders (2017, $1000)

Leave No Trace (Small Business Partner since 2008)

Current Benefit

The current benefit series is for Save the Waves, a California nonprofit focused on preserving our coastlines, and you can shop the collection here.  Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter below to get updates.


In March 2018, I painted 42 small original paintings on canvas, and raised $3500 for the Sequoia Parks Conservancy; the official nonprofit partner of Sequoia National Park, which provides trail improvements, education and stewardship of our public lands. 

In 2017, I donated full proceeds from my first 40 fluid paintings to the Nature Conservancy.  I have also supported Doctors Without Borders, Leave No Trace,  RAICES and the The American Cancer Society.  I'm always taking submissions for future benefit series, so please contact me if you'd like to suggest a nonprofit.