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Aerial Landscapes Large Square Serving Tray - 1

Aerial Landscapes Large Square Serving Tray - 1


This is a one of a kind aerial landscape painting in acrylic and resin on a large rectangular tray, inspired by flying over the Pacific Northwest.  The wood tray measures approximately 18” x 18” square, and has rustic cutout wood handles and reinforced metal corners. The tray is 2” deep and could also be mounted as wall art. It’s heavy and would look beautiful on an ottoman or coffee table.

The wood content is unknown, and it has a rustic, weathered finish that would look beautiful in a beach house. It has been stamped on the back with the artist's custom wood burning brand.  These limited series trays nest into each other, and this is the largest of the three sizes. See the group photo for scale.

The surface has been finished with food safe resin, and can be used as a serving tray.

These are handmade pieces of art, and may have small bubbles or cosmetic indentations in the resin, but they are sturdy, food safe and functional and will last for many years. There may be a few flecks of BONUS pink glitter in the resin due to an enthusiastic five year old working in the studio that day, but they are not distracting or noticeable at all - think of them as a treasure hunt!

Cleaning instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.  The flat resin tray top can be cleaned with glass cleaner or alcohol.  Read more about resin care here.

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