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About artist Kathryn Beals, a professional painter and former forester from British Columbia, Canada.

ART And Nonprofits

I'm grateful for the work that I do and the beautiful places I have been, and I do an annual benefit series to support a nonprofit. Thanks to my collectors’ support, I reached my goal of raising $10K in 2018 for nonprofits, and I hope to continue in future years. I’m a cancer survivor, and I want to give back. Thank you for your help!

My next major benefit series will aid Leave No Trace, an international nonprofit dedicated to stewardship of our public lands.

My list of benefits so far includes:

Monterey Bay Aquarium (2019, $600)

Leave No Trace (2019, $500; another benefit coming soon)

California Fire Relief via (2018, $500)

Save the Waves (2018, $4300)

The American Cancer Society (2018, $1800)

The Sequoia Parks Conservancy (2018, $3500)

RAICES  (2018, $2000)

The Nature Conservancy (2017, $1000)

Doctors Without Borders (2017, $1000)

I’m always accepting submissions for nonprofits for my future benefits.  Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter below to get updates.