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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the methods, materials and ordering of Kathryn Beals’ art.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions I get asked most often on Instagram. Your answers are below. Thanks for visiting! If you want to learn more about me or about the nonprofits I support, you can visit those pages too.

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How do you make those trees? How do you get the gold leaf to stick?

This is a method I’ve developed with Speedball Art gilding adhesive and metal leaf. After my acrylic pour is dry, I paint on the adhesive, let it dry and then stick the metal to the tacky adhesive, creating metallic details in the shape that I’ve painted. It’s much trickier than it looks in the one minute Instagram videos, and I’ll be covering my method in detail in my Metal Leaf Art video course, coming out in April.


Where do you get your trays and boxes?

I can’t disclose my suppliers, but you can find similar acacia products at home goods stores such as Marshall’s and Target. I like acacia because it’s a sustainable wood. If you’re making products that will touch food, make sure you’re using a food safe resin.

Is the resin food safe?

I use Art Resin, a high end American made nontoxic resin. It’s BPA free and FDA approved for direct food contact, so it’s safe to serve candy, fruit or cheese directly from the resin surface. I made my own kitchen table using the same product. Since transparency is so important, I include an info sheet with the materials that I use and the manufacturer’s information, so my customers can do their own research as well and make their own decisions about how they want to use their functional art pieces.


What materials are you using? Are these resin pours?

I have a few different techniques, but most of my art is made starting with acrylic pours, embellished with metal leaf in my signature method, and then coated with resin.


Do you ship internationally?

I do! In the past year, I’ve shipped to Nigeria, Bahrain, Norway, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and many others. Please be aware that customs fees/taxes may apply and I am not responsible for those. I can’t reduce the item value on the customs form, sorry! Please email me before your order if you have concerns or are in a hurry to get your item. Borders are unpredictable, but I’ll do my best to make sure it gets to you safely and quickly!