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My Viral Video on Insider

In February 2018, I was interviewed in my garage by a videographer for Hearst Media. The video was edited to focus on my synesthesia, a neurological ability that affects how I perceive colors. It was picked up by Insider, went viral on Facebook and received over 6 million views. This was my first ever interview, and it had a sudden, huge impact on my career.

Within a week, nearly every painting I had made sold, I was flooded with orders, and offered an image licensing deal with a luxury beauty brand. Because of the video, I was able to grow my small business enough to paint full time and rent a real studio.

The videographer, Reaa Puri, was laid off by Hearst the same week. She went on to start her own successful production company at age 23, and recently gave a TEDx talk on her experience. I hired her team, Breaktide Productions to produce my first online course, on the technique I debuted in the Insider video.

Iā€™m incredibly grateful for this turn of events, and while I never expected any of this, I used my sudden internet fame to raise $10K for nonprofits that year with my artwork. I still keep my old garage studio for shipping, woodworking, and as an art studio for my painter kids. Thank you for your support!