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Metal Leaf Art Course

Metal Leaf Art, the first ever online course by Kathryn Beals, covers metal leaf application for acrylic pour painters.

MetaL LEAF ART course by Kathryn Beals

It’s here! I’m so excited to show you my first ever online course on the metal leafing method I developed for my acrylic pour paintings. In this course, we’ll cover all the steps in detail to create crisp lines in gold, copper and silver on your acrylic pour paintings. I can’t wait to see what you make!

Photos from my video shoot with Breaktide Productions! The leaf silhouette is the second project we make in the course.

Course FAQ

What is metal leafing?

This is my own method for attaching metal leaf with adhesive in designs onto my paintings. Metal leaf is a beautiful way to light up the low contrast areas of your paint pours, add structure to your designs and make your paintings look distinctive.

How does the course work?

This is an online video course, broken up into sections that you can download and watch at your own pace. You’ll have access to a materials list, troubleshooting tips and written instructions as well as the step by step videos.

What can I learn in the course?

I’m a self-taught artist, and I’m happy to show you all the little household hacks and tricks I discovered by trial and error. I use a different method than the instructions on the materials. I’m covering three introductory projects designed to teach you my method; abstract lines, a leaf shape with a stencil, and my signature subject, trees. However, the possibilities for this medium are endless!

This method has a learning curve, and I also include a troubleshooting section on how to solve common leafing issues, such as leafing sticking to the wrong areas, or not sticking well enough. I’ve made all the mistakes through trial and error and I’m confident that my surface preparation steps will help you gain confidence with this medium.

Does this course cover acrylic pouring or resin application?

This course focuses solely on metal leaf application and is intended to build on your own acrylic paintings. I’m an acrylic pouring and resin artist, and I’m going to show you how metal leaf works with these methods. We don’t cover pouring in the course, but I recommend Briana’s course @indigoimpressions. I have a section on using metal leaf with resin, and if you want to learn the basics of resin, Ann Upton has a great resin course. I’m proud to be part of this art community and share techniques with other artists!

What materials do I need?

The main materials we’ll be using are metal leaf and Speedball Mona Lisa Gilding Adhesive Size, but I have a different method from the bottle directions. Your course will come with a complete materials list so you can buy your own materials, but if you prefer, you can order a bundled kit that includes most of the specialized materials I use for leafing.

Have a look at the kits - you may have many of the materials at home already. The course is designed as much as possible to use entry level materials that you can get at local stores, but depending on your location you may prefer to order a kit for convenience.