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Metal Leafing Course

Coming in 2019, a metal leafing course by acrylic artist Kathryn Beals.

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Coming in 2019 - Metal Leaf ART course by Kathryn BEals

In April 2019, Kathryn will be releasing a metal leafing course online for acrylic fluid artists.

Kathryn initially developed her metal leafing method as a way to add interest and structure to low contrast acrylic pours. She soon realized it was a beautiful way to add landscape details as well, creating her Fluid Landscapes style.

This online course will cover the materials you need, surface preparation, metal leaf application, sealing and troubleshooting, with all of Kathryn’s techniques and hacks to create crisp, defined lines in gold, copper and silver leaf on your paintings. You can download the course and watch it at your own pace. The course comes with a materials list so you can choose your own, or you can order your materials in a bundled kit for convenience.

Course Content

Kathryn will walk you through three simple metal leafing projects for beginners, using techniques you can use to make your own designs on your acrylic paintings and increase your confidence with metal leafing.

1) Introduction and Project Ideas

2) Materials and Setup

3) Surface preparation

4) Applying the Adhesive

5) Metal leaf application

6) Troubleshooting and Tips

7) Finishing Steps

8) Metal Leaf for Resin Artists

Kathryn has been named as part of the Speedball Professional Artist network. Read her bio and see examples of her leafing work here.

Optional Materials Kit for Preorder

Due to your feedback, we will offer an optional materials kit for preorder in two options, Basic Gold and Deluxe (Three Metals). Kathryn’s course will come with a list of items and where to purchase them, but if you want, you can order these items in a bundled kit. A few proprietary items from the course are not included due to shipping regulations, but can be purchased at drugstores.

These kits currently only ship in the US and Canada. If you want your kit shipped to another country, please contact us and we’ll check local regulations and see if we can do it!

If you prefer, you can purchase your items at local craft and drugstores, since the course is designed as much as possible to use entry level materials that are easy to find.

The kits can be preordered now, and will ship close to Kathryn’s tentative video release date of April 24.

Filming day, March 15, 2019

I had a fun day with Breaktide Productions! Thank you for everything!