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Resin and Metallic Leaf

Information about adding resin and metallic leaf to custom abstract paintings by Kathryn Beals


About Resin and Metallic Leaf

I use nontoxic Art Resin to finish some of my paintings and give them a glassy shine. The resin looks and feels like glass and protects the finished painting. See examples below to decide if you want to add resin to your custom painting, or read about my resin IKEA table project

IMG_9591 3.JPG

This is a finished acrylic painting without resin.  It has a thin protective UV coating spray, and some of the canvas and paint texture are visible. This is a lower cost option that is good if you like the painting texture and don't want too much glare.  

IMG_0042 3.JPG

This is the same painting (at a different angle) with resin added.  It no longer has visible texture, but has a glassy sheen that enhances the colors. This is a good choice if you like the glossy look and brighter, more saturated colors. There will be an increase in cost and turnaround time for resin.  

Before and after Metallic Leaf and Resin 


Finished acrylic painting

This is a finished acrylic pour before adding composite gold leaf.


With composite gold leaf

This is after applying the composite gold leaf (zinc and copper).  Composite gold, silver and copper leaf are included in the custom abstracts pricing, but there will be a surcharge for 24K genuine gold leaf. 


With resin

Same painting with metallic leaf and resin, which is reflecting the blue sky outside.  I use the same resin for my tabletop and it is extremely strong.  

Sparkle in the REsin


This is a painting with gold sparkle added to the final coat of resin.  It gives the painting more texture and depth and enhances the paintings that look like polished stone.  It's up to you whether you'd like sparkle, and you can specify your preferences in the custom order form.   

This is the same resin used on my Functional Art pieces, and you can read about resin care and food safety here.      

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