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Riverbed Series

New in May 2018, the riverbed series is part stone, part water and part aerial photo. These functional mixed media pieces are created in acrylic, metal leaf and food safe resin on wood panels. Hang on the wall, or add legs to make tables.

Riverbed Series 13 - Blue, Teal and Silver 24x40

Riverbed Series 13 - Blue, Teal and Silver 24x40


Inspired by stones, water and aerial photography, the riverbed series draws from time I spent doing forestry work in northern Canada. These layered mixed media pieces are created in many stages using acrylic paints, metal leaf and food safe resin. This piece incorporates composite silver leaf and many colors of subtle glitter in the resin to make it look like polished stone.

This piece is finished in the same manner as my trays or as the upcycled kitchen tabletop that I use in my home every day with my 3 small children - the surface is very durable! Hang it on the wall with the hardware provided, or add legs (not included) to make it into a beautiful coffee table or end table. The food safe resin surface can be cleaned with glass cleaner and is safe for hot cups etc. Read more about resin care here.

The wood and fiberboard panel measures approximately 24” x 40”, and weighs about 13 lbs with hanging hardware attached. Sturdy d-rings are attached on the back at all four corners. We recommend sturdy wall anchors and/or anchoring to a stud if you are going to hang it on the wall. If used as a desk or table top, the piece is rated to 110lbs.

I have left the fiberboard back unfinished for versatility, but if you prefer I can paint it black before shipping. Check the last photo of me for scale - my seven year old son took the photo and insisted I wear the mask.

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