landscapes and abstracts

Round Acacia Trays

Abstract paintings by artist Kathryn Beals in acrylic and resin on round acacia wood serving trays. 

Red and Gold Dragon Tray 157

Red and Gold Dragon Tray 157


This is a one of a kind painting in acrylic, metal and resin on a solid round acacia tray.  It has hand applied variegated metal leaf under two coats of resin in the shape of a dragon with golden wings. The background is a deep red, with subtle sparkle in it to make it look like polished stone.

The acacia tray measures 15" round by 2" high. It has been stamped on the back with the artist's custom wood burning brand.  

The tray has been finished with food safe resin, and can be used as a serving tray. 

Cleaning instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.  The flat resin tray top can be cleaned with glass cleaner or alcohol.  Read more about resin care here.

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Visit Kathryn's Instagram to watch a video of metal leaf being applied.